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    Abrasive Blades


    Abrasive Blades has been manufacturing customised resin bonded cut-off wheels at its Watford site since 1950 and is the UK’s leading supplier to the industrial and metallurgical markets.

    As the only UK manufacturer of resinoid abrasive cut-off wheels, Abrasive Blades aim to provide its customers with high quality abrasive wheels at a competitive price.

    Abrasive Blades purchased the Anglo Abrasive group in 2005 and both companies work side by side sharing their many years of experience and knowledge so as to offer excellent product selection and customer service.



    Tyrolit was established in 1919 to manufacture grinding tools for use in its Swarovski crystal production factory. They now produce a wide range of bonded, coated and super abrasive products.

    Tyrolit was the first European producer of cut-off and grinding wheels with fibreglass reinforcement. Tyrolit are still market leaders today.

    Tyrolit manufacture a wide range of high precision industrial abrasive products and together with Anglo Abrasives supply to a vast array of industrial sectors across the UK.

    Anglo Abrasives stock an extensive range of Tyrolit products in the Nuneaton based warehouse.

    Carborundum Electrite


    Carborundum Electrite has been producing bonded and coated abrasive products at its factory in the Czech Republic since 1893. The products are used in a wide range of industries including foundry and heavy engineering.

    The company was taken over by Tyrolit in 2010 and now has the advantage of being part of a major abrasive manufacturing group.

    Anglo Abrasives has worked together with Carborundum Electrite since 2000 supplying its high quality abrasive products into the UK.

    SwatyComet Abrasives


    SwatyComet Abrasives has been manufacturing grinding wheels for over 130 years and is known as one of the oldest European producers of grinding tools.

    SwatyComet manufacture wheels in vitrified and resinoid bonds, and specialize in products suitable for applications at higher peripheral speeds. They also manufacture a range of Coated and Super Abrasives.

    Anglo Abrasives has been working together with SwatyComet and supplying products into the UK for over 10 years.

    Naxos Diskus


    Naxos Diskus were established in 1871 and is based in Germany. They manufacture bonded abrasives and dressing tools and specialize in products for the automotive industry, crank and camshaft grinding.

    Naxos Diskus purchased the bonded abrasive section of Carborundum Abrasives in 2009 and can supply products to the old Carborundum specifications.

    Anglo Abrasives has been supplying Naxos Diskus products to UK customers since 2009.


    SIA Abrasives


    SIA Abrasives is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality coated abrasive products and excel in products for the woodworking industry. Its headquarters has been based in Switzerland for 135 years. SIA has recently expanded into nonwoven and foam abrasive products. It has been part of the Bosch Group since 2008.

    Anglo Abrasives has been working closely with SIA Abrasives for the past 40 years, and have built a strong business relationship.

    We stock a wide range of SIA woodworking and metalworking products in our Nuneaton based warehouse.

    Master Abrasives


    Master Abrasives has been serving the UK’s abrasive needs for over 40 years. It owes its early success to supplying the UK with the largest range of mounted points, which it can still do today. The product range includes bonded, coated and super abrasives.

    Master Abrasives together with Anglo Abrasives can offer a quick delivery time on manufactured abrasive belts to meet the needs of today’s busy customers.



    3M produce thousands of imaginative products including many in the abrasive industry.

    3M are committed to helping manufacuring companies gain a competitive edge, enabling them to complete processes quickly, more cost effectively and safely.

    Anglo Abrasives has worked together with 3M for over 30 years supplying its range of bonded and coated abrasive products and Health & Safety products.

    Hermes Abrasives


    Hermes Abrasives has been manufacturing quality coated abrasives in Europe since 1927 and precision bonded abrasives since 1993. They sepcialize in many areas including the automotive industry and its suppliers, and the aviation, furniture and metalworking industries.

    Anglo Abrasives has been supplying Hermes Abrasives products for many years.



    VSM has been manufacturing quality coated abrasive products for over 140 years. They have a vast product range which includes their excellent Compact Grain material. The product range suits applications ranging from metal griding to wood finishing.

    Anglo Abrasives has been supplying VSM products to UK customers for over 20 years.