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  • Belts

    Abrasive belts can be used on portable or stationary machines for material removal, surface preparation and surface finishing on large and small areas.  They can by used in many industries and on a wide range of materials including, steel, steel alloys, non ferrous, glass, stone, plastics, fillers, lacquers, wood, solid surface, rubber, polyester and leather.

    Belts can be manufactured to any size you require, from 3mm to 1300mm wide and from 50mm to 15000mm in length.  They are available with cloth, polyester, film or paper backing.  You can choose from the following grain types dependant on application, Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Zirconia, Ceramic and Diamond.  Grit sizes normally range from 16g (coarse) to 800g (very fine).  Film back products are available up to 4000g.

    We can supply belts for specific wet grinding applications, belts with anti static treatment which means low dust adhesion, belts which prevent heat build up.  A variety of joints are available to suit individual requirements.  We can supply belts with scalloped edges to prevent “cutting in” on delicate components.

    Anglo Abrasive Blades are one of the UK's largest Manufacturers and Distributors of Abrasives

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